Pre payment cards

Electricity Card Tokens

Disposable card tokens for prepayment of electricity

Prepayment Card Meter

Developed by DigiCard Systems in the early 1990s the CPM5188A electrocard meter has been the market leading prepayment solution for the past 3 decades with Millions sold across the UK and around the World.

The CPM Card Meter has been designed to work seamlessly with the DigiCard range of electricity card tokens.

We also provide a full support service for your metering requirements.

Digicard electrocard meter
Pre payment card 20 token

Electricity Card Tokens

DigiCard Systems Ltd. has been the No. 1 supplier of prepayment electricity tokens for the past 30 years. We handle millions of card token sales each year and we understand the importance of protecting our customers’ revenue streams.

DigiCard tokens are available in:- £1, £5, £10, £20 & £50 values and the production process is carefully monitored so that all cards are carefully coded and distributed to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

Pre payment cards

Programming Cards

Instantly update tariff settings on your meters using our secure ‘Meterman’ Programming Cards; it’s quick and simple!